Established in 1971, the Colorado Social Legislation Committee (CSLC) is a coalition of persons and organizations interested in legislation related to human needs and services, especially at the state level. CSLC is a nonpartisan and all volunteer organization that works to create a better future for Colorado.

CSLC meets every Monday at noon at the First Baptist Church, 14th and Grant Streets Denver when the legislature is in session, and periodically in the fall when the legislature is not in session.

Meetings include legislative briefings and programs in which legislators and community professionals present information about current problems and proposed legislation. Regular meetings are free and open to everyone.

Issues include:

  • Violence Prevention
  • Poverty and Self Sufficiency
  • Health Care
  • Mental Health Care
  • Juvenile and Adult Corrections
  • Education
  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Poverty and Self Sufficiency
  • Children, Youth and Families
  • Tax Policies
  • Services for children, youth & families; persons with disabilities; and the elderly

We Are Building Bridges of Hope. . .Hope is most powerful when backed by our commitment and our actions.

Executive Committee:
Chair: Chaer Robert
Immediate Past Chair: Kay Bengston
Vice Chair: Peter Severson
Secretary: Bill Hanna
Treasurer: Nan Morehead
Legislative Chair: Diane Rich, Chris Hinds
Communications Chair: Randle Loeb, Katy Fleury
Membership Chair: Bridget Kaminetsky
Jennifer Corrigan
Dave DeLay
Elena Nunez
Rebekka Struik
Doug Wayland
Jill Wildenberg

Honorary Lifetime Members:

Nancy Good
Bill Hanna
Mary Hess
Elizabeth Horn
Wayne Knox
Nan Morehead
Betty Proctor
Jack Real
Diane Rich
Jane Rogers

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