Monday March 14 at noon in the basement of the First Baptist Church at Grant and 14th Aves. Colorado Social Legislative Committee CSLC.ORG

P.O. Box 300165

Denver, Colorado 80203

CSLC Noon Meeting Agenda  in the basement at the First Baptist Church at Grant and 14th Ave,  Every Monday during the legislative session 

Monday, March 14, 2016

  1. Welcome & introductions
  2. Member announcements
  3. Bill proposals and endorsements
  4. Panel discussion

Our Right to Know: Transparency in Privatized Services for People with Disabilities

  • Irene Aguilar

State Senator, Senate District 32

  1. Jeff Roberts

Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition

  1. Maureen Welch

Chief Opportunity Officer, RealLife LLC

  1. Katie Dahl, Moderator


The Colorado Social Legislation Committee is a coalition of persons and organizations interested in legislation related to human needs and human services, especially at the state level.

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