Feburary 10 CSLC Ending the Death Penalty


CSLC panel on Monday, February 10.  First Baaptist Chruch basement at noon

“The Death Penalty in Colorado”


Sen. Julie Gonzales (SD 34 – Denver), prime Senate sponsor of SB 20-100, Repeal the Death Penalty. More info: https://julieforcolorado.com/about/

Rep. Adrienne Benavidez (HD 32 – Adams), prime House sponsor of SB 20-100. More info: https://www.facebook.com/benavidezhd32/

 ACLU panelist 

Helen Griffiths, ACLU of Colorado.

“Helen graduated from Colorado College. Her work experience spans academics, international affairs and American politics. She interned for Congresswoman DeGette and Senator Michael Bennet in Denver. Helen was a research assistant at the Marshall Center for European Security Studies in Germany and the Political Science department at Colorado College, where she was also a staff writer for The Catalyst newspaper. Helen founded the Democratic Dialogue Project, which fosters open dialogue between the Air Force Academy and Colorado College. In her free time, she loves to read, write fiction, travel, and explore beautiful Colorado.”

Photo: https://aclu-co.org/about-us/staff/

Phil Cherner, Esq., retired trial lawyer. More info: https://www.philcherner.com/






Looking for my photography? Visit philcherner.com/piwigo.



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