Membership  Application  2021

Establish in 1971, CSLC is a coalition of persons and organizations interested in legislation related to human needs and services, especially at the state level. CSLC is a nonpartisan and all volunteer organization.

CSLC meets weekly on Monday at noon, when the legislature is in session, except for holidays.

In the fall we host a fall forum.

Due to the coronavirus, we are meeting via Zoom. The pandemic has also affected the schedule of the state legislature, so check our website, or follow us on twitter for updates.

Meetings include legislative briefings and programs in which legislators and community professionals present information about current issues and proposed legislation.


Regular meetings are free and open to everyone.

First Name:


Last Name:


Organization ( if applicable) Website ( if applicable):


Street Address                                                                      City State                                Zip


E-mail  Address:                                                                      Phone:

Annual Membership Fee

Our membership year runs from September 1-August 30
⃝ $5 for students & low-income individuals
⃝ $25 Other Individual
⃝ $50 for organizations

Additional donations are welcome.

Fees and donations are NOT deductible as a charitable expense.

We are a 501-c-4, nonprofit organization

Make checks payable to: CSLC P.O. Box 181032 Denver, Colorado 80203


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