Tuesday October 13 Our Fall Forum on Proposition 113 Followed by Amendment 76 On Line Registration on Zoom and a video transcipt of Part 2 of the Forums All of this begins at 6 pm

Tuesday October 13 Our Fall Forum on National (Proposition `113) Popular Vote followed by Amendment 76 Citizen Qualification of Voters.

Our speakers will be:

Salvador Hernandez, the CO State Director of Mi Familia Vota,

Holly Monkman of Boulder *LWV and,

Toni Larson of LWV-CO. *(League of Women Voters Colorado)

We’ll do Proposition 113-National Popular Vote first. Salvatore will speak first and then Toni.

Toni Larson Will wrap up with Amendment 76-

Citizenship Qualification of Voters.  

 This is our online registration link for the Fall Forum! Let me know if you have questions/challenges in publicizing this on Twitter, Facebook, and the CSLC website. I will send the first e-blast on Constant Contact,


Fall Forum Part 2

Thank you!

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