CSLC Bill Positions February 14, 2022

CSLC Bill Positions

February 14, 2022


House Bill 22-1010   Representatives Emily Sirota and Tonya Van Beber and Senators Janice Buckner and Barbara Kirkmeyer


The bill creates a refundable income tax credit for early childhood educators who have an adjusted gross income of less than or equal to $75,000 for a single return or $85,000 for a joint return, has held an early childhood professional credential for at least six months, and is the licensee of an eligible early childcare program or employed by an eligible program for at least six months. An eligible program is an early childhood education program or licensed family childcare home that has held a level two Colorado Shines quality rating and has a fiscal agreement with the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) or meets the federal standards for a Head Start Program. The credit can be claimed from January 1, 2022, through January 1, 2027. Credit amounts include: ∙ $500 for an Early Childcare Professional I, IV, V, and VI; ∙ $750 for an Early Childcare Professional II; and ∙ $1,000 for an Early Childcare Professional III.

Fiscal Note: $185,674 in 2022-23, $110,200 in 2023-24. When implemented, the tax credit will reduce state revenues by approximately $8,000,000 per year. 

House Appropriations Committee

House Bill 22-1083 Representatives Kerry Tipper and Janice Rich  and Senator Faith Winter 


This bill upgrades and enhances the current enterprise zone contribution tax credit that is used to support organizations that serve people experiencing homelessness. Benefits of this improvement include: • Making the credit available to providers statewide; • Expanding the types of homeless services that are eligible to include street outreach, homelessness prevention, and emergency shelter programs; • Incentivizing donations to providers in rural and distressed areas; • And simplifying the administration of the credit.

Fiscal note: About $200,000 expenditure. Reduces state revenue by about $8 million when fully implemented. 

House Appropriations

REQUEST FOR SUPPORT – Up for vote February 28

Senate Bill 22-086 Senators Faith Winter and Representative Matt Grey


Current Colorado consumer protection laws are relatively weak; while they are intended to protect income and property needed to meet basic needs – such as housing, cars, tools and other property needed to work, current protections have been outpaced by home and vehicle values, inflation and the rising cost of living. Recently, the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) rated Colorado a “D” because of how few resources we exempt from extraordinary collections from debt collection, judgments, garnishment and in Bankruptcy. The bill increases the CO Homestead Exemption and adds non-traditional housing; reinstates bank account exemption up to $5,000 which was in effect in 2/2020 to 06/01/2021 due to COVID; increases vehicle exemption; increases disability benefit exemption; increases farm equipment/livestock exemption; adds exemption for future economic stimulus payments; adds firearm/hunting equipment exemption [up to $1,000]; adds exemption for health savings accounts; add exemption for funds reserved for taxes & insurance on some reverse mortgages; keeps exemptions on unemployment & child support even if funds commingled.

Fiscal note:

Senate Finance
For questions, or more information contact CSLC Legislative Chair: Chaer Robert crobert@cclponline.org . CSLC members seeking a bill endorsement on an already introduced bill, please submit bill position request form available on our website: www.cslc.org or by emailing crobert@cclponline.org

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