January 30, 2023 Panel on ZOOM at Noon: ADULT EDUCATION

Below  is our panel for next Monday January 30th on Adult Education

attached are photos. 

Rep Kipp is tentative- she has a conflicting meeting but will try to join at some point.

Jocelyn is likely joining at 12:30 .

We will be voting on whether to endorse SB007 at the End of the Meeting.

Rep Boesenecker indicated he would join for a few minutes to accept his 2022 legislator award

( I mailed the awards to the awardees since we are now meeting virtually. )

I will be looking for him, and will pause between speakers assuming he can join us. I would not put his name on the meeting notice- that’s just an FYI.

Rep. Cathy Kipp ( TENTATIVE)

Rep. Kipp has served in the Colorado House since January of 2019. She currently serves as the State Representative for House District 52 which covers much of both south and east Fort Collins. She currently chairs the House Energy and Environment Committee, and serves on the House Finance Committee.

Katherine Keegan

Katherine Keegan is the Director of the Office of the Future of Work in the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. She leads the state’s efforts to raise awareness about the future of work, build digital equity, and, through the State Apprenticeship Agency, expand access to registered apprenticeship programs.

Cathy Slaymaker

Cathy Slaymaker is the Adult High School Diploma Program Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty member at Colorado Mountain College. For 17 years prior to that she ran the in-facility Pre-Release Program for the Colorado Department of Corrections, Adult Parole and Community Corrections Division.

Paula Schriefer

Paula Schriefer became President and Chief Executive Officer of Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning in 2014. She is responsible for Spring Institute’s overall financial health, strategic direction, and programmatic success to achieve the organization’s mission of empowering individuals and organizations to succeed across languages and cultures.

Jocelyne Bisimwa

Jocelyna Bisimwa joined Spring Institute as Adult Education Lead Instructor in August 2021. Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, she studied biology and chemistry at College at Université Catholique de Bukavu for three years before relocating to Uganda, where she tutored French to English speakers at Elite International Education Center and provided individual English tutoring. She immigrated to the United States in 2018.

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