Calendar & Events

Next meeting: January 27, 2020, Basic Cash Assistance/TANF

The Colorado Legislative Session runs from January through May. The current session convened on January 8, 2020, and will adjourn May 6, 2020. 

Every Monday during the Legislative Session (excluding holidays), CSLC holds meetings at noon at First Baptist Church, 1373 Grant Street, Denver. Meetings include legislative briefings and programs in which legislators and community professionals present information about current problems and proposed legislation. Meetings are free and open to everyone.

In addition, CLSC hosts two events for legislators and the public each year:


For many years, the Colorado Social Legislation Committee (CSLC) has co-sponsored a forum in the fall with the League of Women Voters. Many organization members help to underwrite the costs of this event annually and provide display tables to update the public on their issues and grassroots activities as well.

On even-numbered years the events always focus on ballot issues, and the two sponsor groups have a long history and strong reputation for providing key speakers on both sides of every issue so voters trust that they’ll go home well informed at the end of this program.



They Lobbyist luncheon is held annually in December, and provides an opportunity for networking among Colorado lobbyists working on issues related to human services. Always well attended, the luncheon is structured so that each lobbyist is given just a minute or two to speak about prospective legislation of interest to their organization (or clients). Generally, that involves bills they have been working on with legislators or bills they believe could be introduced that they would support or oppose. This is followed by an open discussion time of questions/answers.

The CSLC Executive Committee has received positive feedback annually from lobbyists who have appreciated this timely networking opportunity, saying that it has often prompted new collaborations and stronger partnerships.

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