January 27 – Helping Families Access Federal Income Supports TANF/BCA

Colorado Social Legislative Committee Luncheon Meet Every Monday from noon to 1:15 in the basement of the First Baptist Church at 14th and Grant Avenue.  ALL ARE WELCOME


February 3 we will be joining the Interfaith Alliance and speaking about affordable Housing in the basement of the main Denver Public Library


On February 10 we will be meeting in our usual place at the First Baptist Church.

From: Colorado Social Legislation Committee <dfreeman@cclponline.org>
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Subject: January 27 – Helping Families Access Federal Income Support


Basement of

First Baptist Church of Denver

1373 Grant Street

Denver, CO 80203



January 27, 2020



We invite you to join us on Monday, January 27 we discuss access to federal income supports, including the bill proposed this session to add a cost of living adjustment to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Basic Cash Assistance (BCA) program.

Sen. Rhonda Fields

Colorado State Senate, District 29


Sen. Fields represents District 29 in the Colorado Senate. Previously, she served as member of the Colorado State House of Representatives representing House District 42 from Aurora, Colorado. She was the first African American woman elected in State House District 42, as well as the first Speaker pro Tempore. She is a prime sponsor of SB20-029, which would increase Basic Cash Assistance to make up for the lack of adjustment for inflation and implement an annual cost of living adjustment so the value of the benefit does not erode in the future. 

Jack Regenbogen

Senior Attorney, Colorado Center on Law & Policy


With expertise in landlord-tenant law, public benefits such as SNAP and helping people with criminal justice records, Jack is responsible for developing and supporting policies to improve the economic security of low-income Coloradans. Jack earned his J.D. from University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2015 and a bachelor’s degree from Colorado College in 2012. He previously worked as a volunteer with Community Legal Services of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Legal Assistance, and the Homeless Advocacy Project.

Sarah Barnes

Manager of Special Policy Initiatives, Colorado Children’s Campaign


Sarah serves as the Manager of Special Policy Initiatives for the Colorado Children’s Campaign. In this role, she works across the organization and with external stakeholders to develop and oversee the implementation of the Campaign’s engagement on strategic policy priorities Prior to joining the Children’s Campaign, Sarah taught middle school English and worked as an Interventionist at Pioneer Charter School in Denver. She was a 2011 Teach For America corps member. Prior to teaching, Sarah worked as an attorney in Denver. Sarah earned a BA in English from Midland University and a J.D. from the University of Michigan.

Isabel Cruz

Advocacy Coordinator, Center for Work, Education & Employment (CWEE)


Isabel has had the opportunity to pursue her passion for social justice and human rights in her career as an advocate and educator, with a focus on amplifying the voices of marginalized communities to become agents of change. Originally hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Isabel comes to CWEE with a background in fostering grassroots leadership and mobilization among various groups, particularly young womxn of color, through her work in nonprofits and advocacy organizations in New York City, New Haven, and Denver. A graduate of Yale University with a BA in Sociology with honors and a certificate in Human Rights, Isabel continues to be inspired by the immense power that community voices and stories can wield in enacting change on local and global levels.

Basement of

First Baptist Church of Denver

1373 Grant Street

Denver, CO 80203



January 27, 2020



Duranya Freeman

Communications Chair, CSLC


(303) 573-5669 ext. 314


February 3 Housing – Interfaith Alliance


 Interfaith Alliance Colorado <info@interfaithallianceco.org> wrote:


The affordable housing crisis is sweeping the nation and hitting hardest in our own backyard. Join us Feb. 3 at our annual Day at the Legislature to meet your legislators and learn how the crisis is impacting our communities >>

The conversation about affordable housing and housing insecurity has been long and exhausting, without leading to many long term solutions. The housing crisis is an extremely challenging situation that we can no longer sit back and ignore.

2020 has to be a year of ACTION and it starts with you!

Start off the new year by connecting with your elected officials, make your voice heard on key issues, and connect with the incredible Interfaith community. We’ll guide you around the capitol and give you the lay of the land!

We’ve invited speakers from across different faith and non-faith backgrounds to discuss the intersection between affordable housing, homelessness, housing insecurity, and faith. RSVP TODAY! Your ticket includes a light breakfast, lunch, trainings & materials, and networking opportunities.

Day at Legislature (Full Day)
Monday, February 3rd 8:30am – 2:30pm

Colorado State Capitol, 200 E Colfax Avenue, Denver CO 80203
$30 and open to all, RSVP HERE

Day at Legislature (Luncheon Only)
Monday, February 3rd 12:00pm -1:00pm

Central Presbyterian Church, 1660 Sherman St. Denver, CO 80203
$12 and open to all, RSVP HERE

We can’t wait to see you!
Interfaith Alliance of Colorado

PS: This event is free for students or those who need financial assistance.
Contact Melanie Kesner at melanie@interfaithallianceco.org for more information.

Legislative Request form 2020



Request for CSLC Position on State Legislation

Request must be made by a CSLC member & be for a bill which has been introduced.


Bill Number:

Bill Title: 




Desired Position:  __ Support _____     Oppose    


Person/Organization making the request: 


This is our policy for bill endorsement/opposition:

  1. Member requests CSLC to endorse/oppose one week.
  2. The following week the request is discussed. Requesting member briefly states why CSLC should support or oppose.  Other members are invited to briefly state why CSLC should support or oppose the bill. CSLC members should feel free to debate whether a requested position be taken as it reflects on our credibility and reputation. The purpose is not to rubberstamp a request, but to add our voice for legislation consistent with our values.
  3. Members are ask to vote: (a)  Do they support the bill? b. Do they oppose the bill? c.  Do they prefer CSLC have no position on the bill? d. Do they abstain?   An official position requires a majority of members present who vote that day. 

When CSLC members have voted, CSLC may be listed among organizations supporting or opposing the legislation, and our position will be noted in the Executive Committee minutes and on the CSLC website.


Please write one or two paragraphs that state 1) what the bill would do and 2) the primary reasons why CSLC should support or oppose the bill.  Fact sheets are welcome. 


What the bill will do 

Reasons for support/opposition: 

What website or contact person can people contact to learn more about the bill? 

A bill previously considered by the members and on which a position has been established by vote of the membership may be reconsidered when significant changes are made to the bill and it is again brought to the attention of the members of CSLC.  An announcement and short justification for reconsideration shall be sent by email to the membership during the week prior to reconsideration and a vote taken at a regularly scheduled meeting of the membership.


Form can be completed and given to or emailed to Chaer Robert crobert@cclponline.org

Chaer Robert

Family Economic Security Program Director

Colorado Center on Law and Policy

789 Sherman St #300

Denver, CO  80203


303-573-5669 x307





March 19: Let’s Talk Rural Health Care

Let’s Talk Rural Health Care
March 19

Much has been said about the growing divide between urban and rural Colorado. In particular, the realities facing rural Coloradans with regard to their health care has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. From eye-opening statistics to harrowing profiles, there is clearly a case to be made for solutions specifically tailored to these communities to address health care costs. On Monday, a panel of experts and lawmakers will come together to discuss the health care realities facing many of our fellow Coloradans.


  • Representative Dylan Roberts (D-Eagle)
  • Representative Marc Catlin (R-Montrose)
  • Sara Leahy, Director of Business Development at Colorado Rural Health Center
  • John Ingold, Staff Write at The Denver Post
  • Polly Anderson, Vice President of Strategy and Financing at Colorado Community Health Network

Basement of First Baptist Church of Denver
1373 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203

March 19, 2018

April 3: Planning Ahead: Ensuring Retirement Security for All Coloradans

In Colorado and the United States there is an understanding that our senior citizens should be able to live an economically secure lifestyle. Indeed, federal programs such as Social Security and Medicare serve as the cornerstones of this accepted social contract. Unfortunately, however, the financial viability of these programs has grown in doubt in recent years. In the absence of  substantive federal action to help prepare Americans for retirement, a number of states have begun implementing their own solutions.

Join us on Monday to learn about the proposals before the Colorado State Legislature this year aimed at helping our senior citizens retire in comfort. Our panel will include:

  • Representative Janet Buckner (D-Aurora)
  • Representative Brittany Pettersen (D-Lakewood)
  • Cate Blackford, Director of Outreach and Donor Development for The Bell Policy Center
  • Kelli Fritts, Associate State Director and Advocacy Representative for AARP Colorado

Where: Basement of First Baptist Church of Denver; 1373 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203 
When: April 3, 2017 12:00PM-1:15PM

March 20: Fear Factor: Immigrants and Refugees in Colorado

Immigration and refugee issues have been at the forefront of the public policy arena for many years now and during the 2016 election both major parties put forth starkly contrasting platforms concerning these critical topics. Since his inauguration, the President has begun implementing a number of initiatives that have proven to have profound consequences for many of our neighbors. In Colorado, legislators have also attempted to push through legislation this session aimed at addressing these issues.

Next Monday, March 20, is Latino Advocacy Day in Colorado and we are proud to host a panel featuring:

  • Rosemary Rodriguez, Denver Public School Board Member
  • Jamie Torres, Deputy Director of the Denver Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships and Staff Liaison for the Denver Immigrant and Refugee Commission
  • Paula Schriefer, Executive Director of the Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning

Where: Basement of First Baptist Church of Denver; 1373 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203 
When: March 20, 2017 12:00PM-1:15PM

March 13: Is our Human Services Safety Net at Risk?

Please join us on March 13 for our weekly panel!

Is our Human Services Safety Net at Risk?

Senator Irene Aguilar M.D. (D-Denver)
Senator John Kefalas
 (D-Fort Collins)
Don Mares, 
Executive Director of Denver Human Services

Human services programs in Colorado serve as a critical safety net that serve those most in need. With the 2017 legislative session at its halfway point and a number of proposals shaping up at the national level, there is concern that drastic changes to these programs are on the way. Join us this Monday for a discussion on the future of human services programs.

Where: Basement of First Baptist Church of Denver; 1373 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203 
When: March 13, 2017 12:00PM-1:15PM

January 30 Forum: Colorado Secretary of State, Wayne Williams

Please join us on January 30 for our third forum of the 2017 legislative session!
Colorado Secretary of State, Wayne Williams


Wayne Williams has served as Colorado’s Secretary of State since 2014. Prior to his election, Secretary Williams served as the El Paso County Clerk & Recorder from 2011 to 2015, where he oversaw efforts to expand services to citizens by adding more than a dozen 24/7 drop boxes and consistently running elections that were recognized as both cost-effective and voter-friendly. Before serving as county clerk, citizens of El Paso County elected Secretary Williams County Commissioner from 2003 to 2011 where he played a key role in obtaining approval of the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA). Secretary Williams graduated from Brigham Young University in 1986 with honors and from the University of Virginia Law School in 1989. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Holly, and they have four children.

Secretary Williams will present to the Colorado Social Legislation Committee on the implementation of Propositions 107 and 108, respectfully. Both propositions were passed by Colorado voters this past November and promise to profoundly impact the manner in which Colorado’s future elections are conducted. We are honored to have Secretary Williams present to CSLC and invite all members to attend what promises to be both an educational and entertaining event.

Where: Basement of First Baptist Church of Denver; 1373 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203 
When: January 30, 2017 12:00PM-1:15PM

January 9: CSLC’s First Weekly Forum of 2017!

Please join us on January 9 for our first weekly forum of the 2017 legislative session!
Carol Hedges, Executive Director of the Colorado Fiscal Institute

Carol Hedges has been an important part of the research, policy and advocacy community in Colorado for more than 15 years. She served as policy director for Governor Roy Romer in the late 1990s focusing on human service, education and budget policy. As program officer at the Piton Foundation in Denver, Ms. Hedges directed the Denver Workforce Initiative, a project of the Annie E. Casey Jobs Initiative. While serving as a senior policy analyst with the Bell Policy Center, Ms. Hedges authored Ten Years of TABOR, a comprehensive study of the effects of Colorado’s Taxpayers Bill of Rights. As a recognized expert on the effects of Colorado’s TABOR amendment, Ms. Hedges has been involved in education efforts on TABOR-like proposals across the country.

Ms. Hedges will provide an insightful overview of the fiscal outlook in Colorado and the implications for Colorado’s legislators and advocates as they begin their work in 2017. We are thrilled to have Ms. Hedges present at our first weekly forum of the 2017 legislative session. Please be sure to attend what promises to be a fantastic presentation!

Where: Basement of First Baptist Church of Denver; 1373 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203 
When: January 9, 2017 12:00PM-1:30PM